Housing Assistance Payment

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Becoming a HAP landlord

HAP tenants must find their own accommodation in the private rented market. This is the same as the current Rent Supplement scheme. As part of the HAP tenant’s application process, you, the landlord of the property, must send certain information to the local authority. You can return Part B of the HAP application form with the relevant information directly to the local authority.

This information will include:

In the case of a new tenancy provided in a rent pressure zone, you are required to furnish the tenant, in writing, a statement as to how the rent set under the tenancy of the dwelling has been calculated having regard to the rent pressure zone formula. The local authority will seek a copy of this statement where applicable. Please see www.rtb.ie for further information.

For more information, see the HAP Landlord Information Booklet or contact your local authority here.