Housing Assistance Payment

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Landlords & Agents - Why HAP?

The Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) scheme is a local authority-provided social housing support that works for landlords, agents and tenants alike. Introduced first in 2014 and available nationwide since earlier this year, HAP provides housing assistance for households that qualify for social housing support, as well as many long-term Rent Supplement recipients. Approximately 18,000 different landlords and agents are already participating in the scheme, including hundreds of letting agents.

The Dublin Regional Homeless Executive (DRHE) is operating a specific HAP scheme in the Dublin region for homeless households. Deposit and two months’ rent upfront are available for homeless households only. Specific and competitive rents are paid to secure properties for households who need them. These rates are available from the DRHE website here. If you wish to make property available for homeless tenants contact DRHE directly at (01) 222 6861 or homelesshaplandlord@dublincity.ie

HAP is particularly attractive for low income households, as they can work full time and they pay the local authority a weekly rent contribution based on their ability to pay. Local authorities can suspend or eventually stop payments for non-payment of rent by the tenant. However, the risk of non-payment occurring is low. The HAP team work very closely with tenants to make sure that they pay their rent on time.

With a single point of contact for all payment queries, no HAP rent collection responsibilities and consistent rental payments made by local authorities, HAP is an easy and efficient scheme to participate in.

In 2016, HAP had a 99% rent payment rate

Find out more about becoming a HAP landlord by contacting your Local Authority