Housing Assistance Payment

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Finding your accommodation

HAP tenants find their own accommodation in the private rented market. This accommodation should be within the HAP rent limits. These limits are based on your household and the rental market in your area. Your local authority will let you know what the rent limits are.

Your local authority will make a monthly payment to your landlord, subject to terms and conditions including rent limits, on your behalf.

The earliest date from which your local authority will make HAP payments to your landlord is the date they receive a complete and valid HAP application form from you and your landlord. If you move into a property before this date, you will have to pay any rent due yourself. After agreeing a tenancy with your landlord, you need to return the completed HAP application form to your local authority as soon as possible.

Your tenancy will be covered under the terms of the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 (RTA) (as amended). This means that the tenancy agreement is, or will be, between you and your landlord. The local authority is not your landlord. Your landlord is the person you make the rental agreement with and who the local authority pays the HAP payment to. You can find further information about this on the RTB website www.rtb.ie

Your local authority will arrange to inspect your accommodation within eight months of the first HAP payment made to your landlord. This is to make sure that your accommodation meets the rental housing standards that apply to all privately rented properties.

If you are eligible for HAP and find suitable accommodation in another local authority area, you can contact the HAP section of your current local authority where you can be advised further.